Technical Positions

Assistant Technical Director
Support all aspects of a production as an Assistant Technical Director, and learn how each of the behind-the-scenes pieces fit together. Help supervise other technical interns, load-in, build and paint the set, hang and focus the lights, and support the Stage Management team, as well as gain a comprehensive view on what it takes to create a show from first rehearsal to first performance.
Stage Manager
Learn and practice vocabulary, tools, and fundamentals of Stage Management. Support rehearsals by tracking production needs and providing organizational support for the director; coordinate with design interns, director, and actors; and run (call) the show in performance. Hours include all rehearsals and performances.
Assistant Stage Manager
Learn and practice tools and vocabulary of Stage Management. ASM provides organizational support for the Stage Manager, coordinates with designers and actors, and supervises backstage during performances. Hours include the last two weeks of rehearsals (including tech week) and all performances.
Lighting Designer
Learn and practice fundamentals of lighting design and light board programming. The LD is responsible for design, hang, focusing, and cue writing. Hours include 1-2 rehearsals per week, one Sunday evening, and all rehearsals during tech week.
Sound Designer
Learn and practice the fundamentals of theatrical sound design and SFX programming (SPT's sound design software). The SD is responsible for design, cue writing, and SFX programming. Hours include 1-2 rehearsals per week, one Sunday evening, and all rehearsals during tech week.
Properties Designer
Learn and practice the organizational tools and resources of properties design and management. The PD works with the director and SM to identify prop needs for the show and find creative solutions to prop challenges. The PD oversees finding, borrowing, or building all hand props, organization of props/prop tables, and the return of borrowed props. Attention to detail, creativity, and reliable transportation extremely helpful. Hours include 2-3 rehearsals per week, and all rehearsals during tech week. Some time outside of rehearsals required.
Costume Designer
Learn and practice the fundamentals of costume design and wardrobe. CD works with director, actors, and wardrobe manager to facilitate costume needs, including fittings and organization/upkeep of costume stock. Hours include 1-2 rehearsals per week and all rehearsals during tech week.
Running Crew/Board Operators
Learn and practice light board/sound board/com operation, as well as backstage etiquette and safety. Running crew provides backstage assistance to ASM and actors during performances, including props and costume management, and helps with scene changes. Board Operators implement sound or lighting cues from the booth during performances, under the supervision of the Stage Manager. Hours include all rehearsals during tech week and all performances.
Assistant Director/Dramaturg
This dual position provides directorial support and input for production, supervises scene work, assists with adaptations, script preparation, and dramaturgy research. Interns must be approved by Shana Bestock. Hours include attending rehearsal on an as-needed basis and some additional hours outside of rehearsal.

Volunteer Opportunities

Teaching Assistants
TAs are part Stage Manager, part Assistant Director, and provide support for the director and actors in week-long Camps and Workshops while practicing leadership skills. TAs lead drama games and warm-ups, provide supervision, and are responsible for coordinating props/costumes/tech for final sharings, as needed. To register for a Teaching Assistant internship, please email Simon with your information and which class(es) you are interested in assisting.

Theater tech classes are open to students ages 13-19 (unless by special permission of Amanda Rae, SPT Technical Director).


  • Training hours are during the weekdays, including weekly meetings during the summer and tech rehearsals for the show you’re working on (the week before performances). You will receive a more specific schedule after you register; if you have scheduling questions prior to registering, please contact Ana Maria┬ávia email or call (206) 522-4800.
  • All technical classes carry a training fee of $150 ($50 deposit), with the exception of Saturday Drama classes ($50). Tuition assistance and payment plans are available. All hours outside of direct training may count toward service learning hours.