The Other Place


by Sharr White / directed by Kelly Kitchens

March 25 – April 17, 2016 (preview: March 24)

Juliana Smithton is a successful neuroscientist on the brink of a breakthrough in her field, but the rest of her life is unraveling. Her husband has filed for divorce, her daughter has eloped, and her health is in danger. But in this highly acclaimed, haunting new play, things are not always as they seem. The Other Place follows Juliana as she unravels a personal, 10-year-old mystery, sifting through muddled facts, half-truths, and hazy memories that lead her back to a Cape Cod cottage where an epiphany waits for her. The Other Place was nominated for a Tony Award, an Obie Award, and two Outer Circle Critics Awards, including Outstanding New Play of 2011.



Amy Thone (Juliana Smithton), Ray Gonzalez (Ian), Jocelyn Maher (The Woman), John Bianchi (The Man)

Design & Production:
Kelly Kitchens (Director), Ariel Bui (Stage Manager), Tommer Peterson (Scenic Designer), Paul Arnold (Lighting Designer), Andre Nelson (Sound Designer), Evan Mosher (Assistant Sound Designer), Ahren Buhmann (Projections Designer), Chelsea Cook (Costume Designer), Krissy Grant (Props Designer), Sara Keats (Dramaturg)


Amy Thone and Jocelyn Maher in Seattle Public Theater’s production of THE OTHER PLACE by Sharr White. Photo: John Ulman.


Author of The Other Place, Sharr White is a mystery of his own. Businessman, father of two, and successful playwright, White is well known for his rigorous schedule and creative drive. In an interview with The Boston Globe, White explained that he wrote at least three hours every day for 13 years before his first professional production. Since then, White has produced seven plays including Annapurna and The Snow Geese, which followed The Other Place with openings on Broadway. He has received multiple awards including two Outer Circle Critics Awards and a Tony Award Nomination for The Other Place as well as an Edgerton Foundation New American Play Award for his play Sunlight.

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Then you already know how impactful this tight little show with all its sharp twists and turns can be, and how important it is not to know Juliana’s secrets until they’re revealed over the course of its short, 70 minute run-time.

We encourage you to share this production with your friends and family without giving any big reveals away. It is, at its heart, a story about lost people being found.

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Need a more detailed summary than the one in our season brochure? We recommend the synopsis below:

Juliana Smithton is a 52 year old brilliant drug company scientist. Her divorce is filed, she is recently back in contact with her estranged daughter, and she has had a medical scare. 

Just as Juliana Smithton’s research leads to a potential breakthrough, her life takes a disorienting turn. During a lecture to colleagues at an exclusive beach resort, she glimpses an enigmatic young woman in a yellow bikini amidst the crowd of business suits. 

One step at a time, a mystery unravels as contradictory evidence, blurred truth and fragmented memories ultimately collide in a cottage on the windswept shores of Cape Cod.